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Top 10 Dental Practice Management Softwares

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Are you a dentist and finding it difficult to manage the increasing number of patients arriving at your dental office? Or are you finding it difficult to bring in more patients while taking care of the ones currently coming to your office for treatment? Sometimes, with dedicated time and effort required to bring more patients to the dental offices besides giving each patient ample time and maintaining the quality of service, it gets difficult for dentists to manage all the operations which need to be diligently performed at their dental office with the limited number of staff available to them. So, taking the help of a perfect dental software, which would help them in the management of the office, becomes even more important. With a plethora of dental softwares available, the task gets even more difficult to choose a dental software which suits their needs and has specialisation in all the areas that the dentists are concerned with.

So, don’t get stuck with an office full of patient’s papers and struggling to provide your patients the attention and care they deserve. Read on, as we have compiled a list of the 10 best Dental Softwares by doing an extensive research, to make your life easier and your patients more happy with your services. Check all of them here in detail, and by the end of this article you would know which is the best one for you!

1. Dentrix Ascend

It is a cloud-based dental software. With features which help in identifying and efficiently managing various dental tasks, Dentrix Ascend allows for optimal dentist-patient interactions and thereby increasing efficiency and profitability.

Key Features:

  • It has a built-in Task Automation Management Intelligence (TAMI) which allows automation of repetitive tasks.
  • The interface is very user friendly and creates customized patient reports. Graphics such as charts and 3D graphs can be added, making the reports all the more informative and understandable.
  • In-built document manager makes it easy to access the patient records as per the requirement.
  • The images printed through its cloud-based Phosphor Plate Imaging technology are ideal to be shared electronically and require no backups, storage or upgrades.
  • It has a separate section for patient profiles which helps the staff to track patients’ progress and alerts them on any new update in the profile of a particular patient.
  • Each member in different locations can be assigned a role in the software itself. They can access relevant information of that role in the software and work on the tasks assigned to them. This increases productivity exponentially.

2. Eaglesoft

Patterson Dental’s Eaglesoft software is an ONC-ATCB certified dental practice management software. It is well suited for practices of all sizes. It has wide features with in-built tools which make the life of dentists a lot easier.

Key Features:

  • The interface is very user friendly and has features like clinical chart, patient scheduling and billing & accounting features. With features like periodontal templates available in the software, running your practice smoothly could never get easier!
  • Patient scheduling is such a hassle free task with this software as users can block off an appointment time of different lengths, from 5 to 60 minutes, depending on the necessity of the appointment.
  • In case of re-appointments, both the appointments are displayed together so that any problem can be effectively identified before it gets severe.
  • A dedicated treatment planning module allows users to send digitally signed treatment plans to the patients.
    The software allows users to share financial information with the patients so that they can make an informed decision depending upon their insurance coverage.
  • The software has a document manager, SmartDoc, which enables the practices to store and manage important documents.

3. Curve Dental

Curve dental is a fully HIPAA compliant dental management solution software, suitable for small to mid-sized dental practices. It is ideal for growing practices that are looking to expand and want a solution for their office management.

Key Features:

  • The software has features which cater to every aspect of dental office management like patient charting, clinical notes, treatment planning, billing, imaging, appointment scheduling and reporting.
  • Web based interactive and user-friendly interface.
  • The informative dashboard allows the staff to view key metrics and track daily appointments effectively.
  • The built-in analytics tool helps the staff to build custom reports with information in the form of interactive charts and graphs to be shared with patients.

4. Dentimax

If yours is a practice which sends out frequent electronic attachments and digital X-rays then DentiMax is the right office management software for you!
It offers complete digital sensor and office management software solutions.

Key Features:

  • It can be installed locally on any Windows device or be hosted as a cloud application.
  • It offers features like Insurance claim management, billing patient scheduling, auto clinical notes, electronically store documents, electronically send prescriptions and appointment reminders.
  • X-rays, medical bills, prescriptions can be sent electronically to the patients. Digital X-rays of the tooth can be generated by the in-built imaging tool.
  • The feature of Clinical note builder allows dentists to create and record clinical notes.

5. Denticon

Denticon by Planet DDS is a cloud-based practice management solution software which is suitable for dental practices of all sizes. It is ONC certified and fully HIPAA compliant. It has wide features with in-built tools which make the life of dentists a lot easier. The software has features which have clinical as well as business functionality!

Key Features:

  • An easy to use and user friendly interface.
  • In-built advanced tools for digital imaging, patient communication reporting and analytics of the patients.
  • The application can be customized for single or multi-location practices.

6. Solution reach

This is a cloud-based dental practice management software which is suitable for dental practices of all sizes. If you are a practitioner who wants to keep the patients updated about appointments and send reminders at every step then Solutionreach is the Software for you!
It saves you time as you are helped with patient education and practice marketing too.

Key Features:

  • The interface is very user friendly and has features like clinical chart, patient scheduling and billing & accounting features.
  • It has features like preventative and follow-up reminders, online reputation management and regular patient satisfaction surveys which help immensely in the overall growth of the practice while saving a lot of time for the dentist.
  • Customized reminders can be sent to patients using text, email or over the phone.
  • The software has saved templates for patient surveys and more can be designed using these.
  • PatientReach mobile allows patients to directly send digital images or documents, request for appointments and even make payments through a HIPAA compliant platform.

7. ACE Dental

ACE Dental is a dental office management software that is suitable for practices of all sizes. With the availability of a wide variety of in-built tools in the software, the application works well for orthodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, and more. It is fully HIPAA compliant and has all the features for day-to-day management of a dental office like patient charting, clinical notes, treatment planning, billing, appointment scheduling, automated appointment reminders and reporting.

Key Features:

  • User friendly and easy to access user interface.
  • It contains fully integrated word processing, mail merge and prescription writer.
  • Integrated features of 3D restorative charting, visual treatment planning and auto clinical notes help in effective reporting of information.

8. Open Dental

It is an open source dental software which is suitable for practices of all sizes. Features like e-prescriptions, printed prescriptions and treatment plan module, make it useful for practices with a heavy inflow of patients and where a high volume of information to be communicated with the patients.
Besides these brilliant and very useful features, Open Dental has all the basic features required for management of a dental office.

Key Features:

  • E-prescription feature allows printed prescriptions which can be filled using predefined templates.
  • The treatment plan module feature collects treatments for a particular patient and arranges them in order of priority. The preauthorization treatment forms can be sent, added or modified from this module and the fees for individual procedures can also be modified here.
  • A dedicated patient portal to make payments, view appointments, view treatment plans, send or receive webmail and download relevant information.

9. MOGO Azure

MOGO Azure is one the most advanced and highly rated cloud-based dental practice management software as it is secured with the trusted Microsoft Azure. It has features which can boost the efficiency of your practice with the highest level of HIPAA compliance and security. It comes with a very high level of technical and sales support as it is powered by Microsoft Cloud. The overall features of the software make it very suitable for small as well as big sized practices.

Key Features:

  • The interface is user-friendly and provides seamless user experience.
  • The in-built feature, eReminders, automatically sends appointment confirmations, reminders, birthday cards and more to patients through email or cell phones and tracks the responses.
  • With just one click it lets the whole staff know that the patient has arrived at the office for the appointment.
  • The 24 hour technical and logistical support powered by Microsoft Cloud saves valuable time in crunch situations.

10. ClearDent

ClearDent is a dental practice management software which is suitable for practices of all sizes. With features varying from perceptive scheduling to dental imaging and patient communication, it has perfect utility for dentists who are looking for reliable and versatile software for their office management needs.

Key Features:

  • Perceptive scheduling is a feature which can be very helpful to dentists for keeping a record of upcoming appointments and patient arrival status. The practitioners can color code the appointment booking of every patient and keep a record of pre-medication and other relevant information along with the appointment history and real time patient arrival status.
  • Automated appointment reminders with appointment date and time can be sent to patients with reminder scheduling features.
  • The dental imaging feature lets the dentists view digital images of the tooth charts which can be rotated, measured and labelled as per requirement.

The ever evolving field of dentistry and the growing demands of the patients to be treated expansively on every visit, puts excessive pressure on the dentists to maintain the quality of service while giving ample time to the efficient management of the dental office. With a dedicated and hard working staff at the office, maintaining the quality of service can still be managed but with a number of daily tasks to be performed at the office, the quality of service can sometimes suffer. Dental office management software offers the right solution and makes life easier for the dentists and takes the quality of service and the growth of the office a notch higher!