Why trust us with your Insurance Verification needs?

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April 15, 2018
Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Verification
November 8, 2018

Insurance verification may seem like a task that can be efficiently handled in-house by your staff, but that’s seldom the case. If anything, it takes away the staff’s time and attention from delivering the best patient care. Insurance verification is a vital step in ensuring healthy collections of your practice and can have a serious impact on your revenue if ignored.

Outsourcing IV can assist you greatly in reducing claim denials, increasing collections and hence resulting in enhanced patient experience. Here are some pointers on how outsourcing your IV work to us would look like.

1. We work ahead of your schedule by doing all insurance verifications before the patient appointment. This lets your staff discuss the benefits with the patient as soon as they come in for their appointment.

2. We prioritize your schedule and work round-the-clock to ensure that all information is obtained through insurance companies by call or fax prior to the patient appointment.

3. We pay great attention to details to ensure that your claims don’t suffer from reimbursement issues due to incorrect assessment of insurance eligibility. This results in increased and healthy collections for your practice.

4. We are aware of the regular updates in the change of plans and find the most up-to-date benefits for your patients.

5. We estimate insurance payment and patient payment portions correctly. We allow no room for additional payment surprises for your patients, which, in turn, builds their trust on your practice.

6. Our highly trained, professional and friendly experts understand that filing a claim without proper insurance verification would simply result in more denials and patient balances, and hence prioritizes accuracy and timeliness while doing your IV work.

7. Our services and prices align with your goal of having increased collections and happy patients, and hence are cost-effective and affordable. We customize our services as per the exact requirements of your office to ensure that the needs of your dental practice are well taken care of.

If you would like a free consultation with our insurance verification expert to find personalized solutions for your practice’s requirements, please call us 888.666.0604 at or write to us at info@caplinedentalservices.com.