Vermont Dental Billing & Collection

Running a dental practice comes with a lot of challenges. Whether you are starting a new practice or are an established dental practice, the burden of managing a dental practice is immense as the revenue cycle has to be smooth and glitch free for you to optimize the cash flow of the practice and also long term survival of your practice. The primary goal of any dental practice is to provide the required dental care to the patients and with the additional burden of billing management, sometimes this primary goal gets affected.

Capline Services, with its highly skilled and seasoned manpower, has been a trusted name with dental offices across the US for a number of years. Capline Services adds value to your billing process by providing cost effectiveness and efficiency in your dental billing and coding.

With services like Credentialing, Insurance Verification, Patient statements, Patient calling and Billing & Collection provided by us, Vermont Dental Billing & Collection Services gives a highly competitive edge to your dental office by saving time and cutting your overall costs. With our services, you can relieve yourself with the additional burden, realign your resources and utilize the saved time to strategize for future growth of your practice. The security of your data is our top priority and hence we make sure that all our services are HIPAA compliant. Features of our services include:

Timely and accurate submission of claims

All claims are processed at the appropriate time. Every claim is carefully reviewed for any errors before being sent to the insurance company to make sure that it is not denied because of any clerical error. This attention to details allows us to ensure that we collect quickly and efficiently all the money that you are owed.

Regular Monthly Reports

Monthly reports of the performance of your office on the revenue cycle parameters and a summary of our insurance collection efforts is emailed to you. This allows us to keep you updated about the overall health of your practice. Reports can also be sent to you upon request.

With Vermont Dental Billing & Collection, enjoy greater income and minimize lost reimbursements with highly effective dental billing services designed to meet your needs.

Vermont Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Vermont

Dental credentialing is a long and tedious process for the dentists and involves a lot of paperwork. At Capline, we ensure that the whole application process is smooth for you and help you save valuable time which you can better utilize to provide quality dental care to patients. Vermont Dental Credentialing Services ensures a transparent and end to end delivery of the whole service. We believe that every provider should be able to focus on providing high quality dental care to patients without having to deal with the stress of paperwork which consumes a lot of useful time. At Vermont Dental Credentialing Services, our top priority is to get the providers credentialed in as little time as possible and at the highest fee schedules available to make your practice more profitable. Our team of experienced professionals makes this possible by upfront negotiations and fee evaluations. We have been providing dental credentialing across the US for a number of years now and all our clients are running successful dental practices across the country.

Interested in Dental Credentialing Services in Vermont? Let us know your requirements; we will be happy to assist you!

Vermont Dental Insurance Verification

Dental insurance verification is a tiresome process which is an area of concern for most dental service providers. The whole process which includes calculating and verifying the patient’s benefits and coordinating with the insurances for the same, is not only cumbersome but also affects the quality of their delivery of dental care to patients. If you are a dental provider and looking for a reliable and efficient insurance verification Services Company then Vermont Dental Insurance Verification Services is here to take this tiresome process off your hands.

We, at Capline, help the dental providers by mitigating their worries and ensure that they are paid on time for their services and help them get rid of claim denials. Vermont Dental Insurance Verification Services performs a comprehensive verification of the patient details and eligibility against the insurer’s criteria to check if the patient is eligible. You can present the treatment plan with the estimated costs once we validate the patient’s eligibility and never again worry about claim denials!

Major features of our services include:

  • Fully HIPAA Compliant Services
  • High Accuracy in filing claims
  • Short Turnaround time on insurance verifications
  • Reduced bottlenecks in the verification process
  • Specialized Dental Insurance Verification Experts

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