Virginia Dental Billing & Collection

Collecting outstanding balance from patients is extremely important for the financial health of your practice. These days dental offices struggle a lot when it comes to improving cash flow or client satisfaction. At Capline Dental Services, we can efficiently manage all your billing needs. Don’t let billing errors pull your practice down, simply outsource Virginia Dental Billing & Collection services.

We eliminate the stress and challenges and allow you to focus strictly on patient care. Here’s why outsourcing us is always a good idea:

Saved From the Chaos Related to Billing

By taking assistance from our billing experts, you have better control over your billing. You will be saved from the time consuming task of billing and will be able to focus on serving your patients.

Improved Cash Flow

Owing to expert coding and timely claim processing, we can keep your practice going with efficient collections.

No More Billing Errors

We have a team of proficient and experienced billers who ensure that your claims are being processed on time and accurately. Our experts do their job gracefully, thereby resulting in fewer errors and less number of rejected/denied claims. Right from coding to claim submission, appeal of denied claims and follow up on delinquent accounts, we manage everything carefully.

Complete Focus on Patients

A dental practice is not at its peak efficiency when staff is busy attending the insurance companies and fail to address its patients. While taking care of your patient’s billing needs, you might have missed the opportunity to give them the required assistance. By outsourcing us, you will be able to perform your job efficiently, while we will take care of your billing needs.

As experts in dental billing, we also work on reporting and keep ourselves updated with the latest coding practices. When it comes to handling billing issues, we always go the extra mile to ensure that the highest reimbursement is received. We are well-versed of the billing processes in dental industry and therefore we consider ourselves to be an extension of your dental office.

Getting the most out of insurance firms turn out to be extremely time-consuming, especially when you don’t have time or resources to invest in. When you choose Capline, you will be assured with the maximum reimbursement without having to put extra efforts.

Virginia Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Virginia

At Capline, we offer effective solutions to help you manage your office’s dental credentialing needs. As a well-known, dental billing outsourcing company, we understand the impact provider credentialing has on cash flow. We also understand how time consuming and tedious the process of credentialing is. Therefore, we are here to bridge the gap between dentist and payer’s network.

By choosing us for your dental credentialing needs, you get assistance with provider enrollment. We can also help you become an in-network provider so that you can easily receive reimbursements from your carrier. We also get existing practices credentialed. Since credentialing is an ongoing process, it must be done in every 3-5 years. Virginia Dental Credentialing offer a service that will complete re-credentialing, notify you about the expiring documents and maintain your CAQH profile.

Virginia Dental Insurance Verification

Does your staff spends too much time on the phone? If the answer is yes, you need assistance from Capline’s dental insurance verification services. Being one of the top names, Virginia Dental Insurance Verification company, we validate benefits thoroughly and consistently in advance. You will significantly see reduced claim rejections, lowered administrative costs (by reducing the time it takes to verify eligibilities) and improved cash flow.

Reduce labor costs and let us show you how professional dental insurance verification can ultimately reduce cost and save time for your practice. Simplify the way your staff deals with billing operations by getting a consultation with us today. See how we can make a difference to your practice and help cash flow improving.

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