Washington Dental Billing & Collection

Practices that outsource their billing typically save 3 to 5 percent over the cost of handling their billing internally. At Capline Dental Services, we take the stress out of billing so that you can focus only on providing outstanding treatment. We handle dental billing and collection procedures so that the dental practice can do what they do best: providing quality care to patients. Besides freeing up your staff’s time, Capline Dental Services will get you higher returns with fewer mistakes in lesser time. We will help you easily manage your accounts and create a solution for your practice.

Our billing experts ensure the maximum return for your practice in minimum amount of time. We will start by analyzing your current billing process to identify the loopholes.

Outsourcing your billing allows you to eliminate hidden costs and concentrate on production while we will take care of collection. We focus on optimizing dental billing to decrease the amount of time and effort required to maximize revenue. Washington Dental Billing & Collection ensure that every claim we process has the maximum reimbursement potential possible.

Outsource Washington Dental Billing & Collection Services for:

Maximizing Cash Flow
We work as a seamless extension of your practice to ensure cash flow and help reduce overhead expense. Our experienced staff works directly with insurance companies to correct, resubmit and follow up on unpaid claims. Whether you’re dealing with loss in revenue, inconsistency in staffing, lack of billing expertise, or inflated account receivables, Capline Dental Services has the solution.

We will work with you and your staff as a team to ensure the maximum possible outcome. Your dental office can now focus on patient care and concentrate on the day to day requirements.

Improved Revenue Cycle
To streamline the performance of revenue cycle, our RCM experts analyze your practice and create reports to make sure that you receive every dollar you are owed. We bring complete transparency to your billing process by maximizing returns and minimizing error.

To know more about our dental billing services, call us today or send us a message online and we will contact you in the shortest time possible.

Washington Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Washington

Dental credentialing can be a tedious task as it involves a lot of paperwork. However, if you outsource us, we can get things simplified for you. This starts with our experts asking for all important information like provider details and which insurances are required. In order to avoid delays, we follow the below given steps:

  • Contact insurance companies and collect all required documents from the office
  • Verifying details for accuracy
  • Submitting the credentials to insurance company
  • Following up with insurances until the status is completed
  • Update offices on the status

Our specialists can deal with this time-taking task for you and eliminate the headache related to paperwork. We provide best-in-class credentialing services to help you run your office smoothly and effortlessly. All you need to do is focus on seeing patients. Get enrolled by hiring Washington Dental Credentialing Company and start experiencing increased cash flow with the least amount of hassle.

Washington Dental Insurance Verification

It is quite common for a front office staff to be occupied with the day to day operations. This eventually hinders outstanding patient and insurance collections. With all your dental insurance verification done by Capline, your front office staff will have more time to focus on patients. Our ability to handle claims make sure that there is less human error.

Our dental insurance and eligibility verification process goes beyond typical eligibility. Right from verification of insurance benefits, copays and deductible in real time, Washington Dental Insurance Verification Company also identifies and correct erroneous data. We can ensure that every claim is filed promptly and accurately. By doing so, we help you receive payment quickly and more of your time is spent with your patients. Our objective is only to make sure that all claims sent to payers are clean and results in maximum cash flow.

Let Capline take away the stress of claim management and increase your practice revenue. We can help you by:

  • Faster claim submission
  • Accurate and clean claims
  • Evaluating EOB’s
  • Insurance follow up calls
  • Properly filed claims

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