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West Virginia Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in West Virginia

Dental credentialing is an essential aspect of a dental practice. It encourages the patients to put their trust in a dental practice’s service providers and enroll with insurance companies which further eases the reimbursement process for them. Capline’s West Virginia Dental Credentialing experts are committed to ease the paperwork for the patients who are enrolled with the insurance carriers. We take care of the relevant forms and the documentation required for the entire process to avoid any delay. The dental offices just need to submit the required details in the application form and leave the rest upon us to handle.
West Virginia Dental Credentialing services assist you right from the beginning of the process. Submitting the first application form, getting enrolled with the insurance provider and managing all the documentation certifications, license, and practice history along with all the necessary supporting documents eases the quality check process.
There are few initial steps that are needed to be taken with insurance carriers to provide the best coverage for the patients. Certifications, license, and practice history are required to be properly documented. Not only that but the documents have to be verified before the final dental credentialing is issued. The insurance carriers have to be aware of every aspect of the finance of the patients before processing any insurance claim for them.

West Virginia Billing and Collection

Operating a smooth dental practice requires a strong strategy in place to achieve maximum return for your practice. There are certain challenges involved in maintaining a smooth dental practice that goes beyond just knowing the dentistry part. The denial of insurance claims, billing headaches, late submissions of insurance forms, and delay in follow-ups can complicate the entire process. To provide the best possible experience to the patients and manage a fundamental setup, dentists need professional assistance to stay in order and that’s where we step in. Capline focuses on timely reimbursements and on-time settlement of your patient’s insurance claims. Our West Virginia Billing and Collection services process all your accounts receivables to settle overdue insurance balances in the minimum time. The entire process ensures a rigorous follow-up to settle overdue balances with a quick turnaround time.

It has been observed that the dental practices that outsource their billing and collection, smartly save more than those who try managing everything in-house. Our team efficiently works with the dental softwares and generates periodic reports via Virtual Billing and AR Management services. Our West Virginia team focuses on managing a complete description of the patient’s account, runs a thorough check of demographic and personal details along with the kind of services opted during the patient’s treatment to avoid additional expenses. This increases collection at the time of patient service.

West Virginia Eligibility Verification

The eligibility verification should be a hassle-free experience for the patients. Our internal team thoroughly verifies all the details of the patients in the first go to meet all the eligibility standards. Our West Virginia Eligibility Verification team looks into the patient’s history, the type of treatment a patient is going through, the insurance coverage with all the active benefits. The eligibility verification in the initial stage eases the entire process both for the patients and insurance carriers to understand the kind of benefits your patients can avail to avoid the risk of not getting paid.

Our West Virginia Dental Eligibility Verification team ensures that the dental practice is receiving all the insurance payments on time. The verification details are cross-checked properly to take away the stress of claim management. The communication with all the internal channels is managed via emails, fax or personal calls. Take a look at how the verification process is conducted:

  • The registration ID of the patient is verified along with the insurance policy details
  • The validity of the policy is verified and the payable benefits are cross- checked with the insurance team
  • The copayments and deductible options are studied well and communicated to the attendants of the patients to avoid the risk of non-payments
  • A rigorous follow-up is maintained through calls, fax or emails to process the claims
  • The demographic details of the patient along with all the supporting documents are verified with the insurer and further uploaded in the patient’s records for any other assistance

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