Wisconsin Dental Billing & Collection Insurance Verification & Credentialing

Wisconsin Billing and Collection

Billing and collection is a complicated process. The complexities of recovering the reimbursement can sink even a profitable dental practice. Most importantly, it is a rigorous task and thus requires every minute of detailing to avoid claim denials. Factors such as inappropriate documents and incomplete information leave too many opportunities for mistakes to occur. With our flawless services, you can expect accurate report submission based on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standard.

The best way to reduce clutter in your dental office is to outsource your dental billing services and also maximize your revenue over time.Dental providers expect to receive payment for the services they rendered. Lack of cash flow is the biggest threat to a dental practice. Therefore, dentists need a billing and collection company to expedite the payment with the insurance companies.

Our experts hold experience in explaining the intricacies and providing resolutions to all your doubts. That means more focused time on your practice because of the burden of claim accuracy, timely collections of primary and secondary claims, payment posting and adjustment, appeal process, and any necessary reports, etc. is handled by the professional billers. Needless to say, choosing the best service provider isn’t easy. Our trained team of experts reduces the possibility of claims filed incorrectly, time constraints, and billing responsibilities to maximize your revenue and profits over time. Outsourcing will help you reap maximum benefits within the least amount of time.

Wisconsin Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Wisconsin

Entering into a contract with an insurer is necessary and can avoid claims sitting for a longer period than usual without getting paid. It can create quite an issue if a non-credentialed dentist is submitting the claim. The vetting/credentialing process can be lengthy and require accurate documentation for the claim to be processed promptly. We at Capline Dental Services take care of the steps with ease to save a lot of time. We ensure that the dental provider is providing the best coverage to each patient and also getting paid. These days, the patients seek treatment coverage from the insurer. Thus, deciding which insurance carrier to join to have a huge patient base in the area. It is always a good idea to get credentialed with maximum providers, as your patient’s provider can be DHMO, HMO, PPO, Medicaid, and DMO. Outsourcing the credentialing process, you can have peace of mind in knowing that someone is looking after this complicated process with accuracy. The dental industry, where rules and regulations change rapidly, needs experienced and up-to-date staff to keep things flow smoothly. You will see the complete process starting from NPI to CAQH gets handled on your behalf, and the final dental insurance credentialing is issued.

Wisconsin Insurance Verification

Claim denials due to incorrect insurance verification are the biggest threat of lost profit for a dental practice. At Capline Dental Services, we ensure not to create compounding chaos and handle this tedious task hassle-free. Our professional experts check the validity of the policy details, payable benefits, co-insurance details, deductibles, co-payment options, and coverage details for you so that your staff can focus on patient care. More than 50% of claims get denied due to outdated/incorrect patient policy details, so having an eligibility verification team results in faster payments with fewer follow-ups. Dental insurance verification ends up before giving the services to the patient so that you do not have to worry about enough cash flow to stand financially at all times. Outsourcing insurance verification to the experts can profit your business even if you don’t realize it.

The well versed and experienced professionals keep up with the follow-ups through call, web, and fax so that you are not losing time and money. Getting it right the first time towards processing your claims in a timely and complete fashion is our goal towards your business.

No matter what, with accurate insurance verification, you reduce your office stress level and negative patient reviews. Below is the step by step approach through insurance verification:

Taking valid member ID of the patient
Checking the validity & effective policy date
All-round information of coverage, waiting periods to avoid any fraudulent information
All data obtained, including patient demographic and treatment
Receiving the verification document from the insurer with specific coding requests
The verification document gets uploaded in the patient record for any further assistance.

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