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Choosing The Right Dental Patient Statement Services Company: A Guide for Practices

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January 12, 2024
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Dental patient statement services are key drivers of a dental practice’s billing system. They are documents generated in the patient’s name to enable payments to the dental practice. A patient statement will contain the name of the dentist, the treatment and procedures rendered to the patient, dates of service, as well as applicable fees.

Outstanding invoices are not an ideal scenario in any business, including a dental practice. Nearly a third of the income of any dental practice comes directly from patients, and hence patient statements are a vital component for maintaining healthy cash flows. Dental patient statements can be sent to patients electronically or through regular mail. A tidy sum of money is generally spent by dental practices on issuing patient statements through a dedicated in-house billing team.

The Need for a Professional Dental Patient Services Company

The purpose of any practice is to get compensated for the treatment and services rendered to the patient. For this to happen, patients must pay their direct component before or on the day of the visit. It is now a set norm to outsource dental billing services, irrespective of the size of the practice.

Growing or established businesses can create a more streamlined approach toward billing and collection through a professional dental patient statement company. The great advantage of outsourcing such critical tasks is that it saves valuable time for the dental staff while also aiding in rationalizing the processes for payment collection from patients.

Outsourcing all billing-related tasks to a third-party provider will manifest in reduced administrative costs for the practice, facilitating a more streamlined and efficient collection of dues from patients. Moreover, it creates additional time for the team to focus on delivering better care to the patients.

The key lies in selecting a trusted and reliable partner who can print and deliver statements and invoices to patients through traditional mail or digital platforms. The technique of finding the right dental patient statement company is the same as evaluating other partners that a practice might have considered before.

The Power of Patient Statements

Patient statements are an essential component of the billing process that augment revenues and enable the practice to stay on top of pending dues. Simple and concise statements are easy to understand, and complex dental and insurance terminology must be avoided. They must be accurate, delivered on time, and as detailed as possible. There should be a conscious effort to maintain complete financial transparency, as this fosters trust between the practice and the patients.

A few points to consider while selecting a dental patient statement company are as follows:

  • Assess Business Requirements: Define the scope and volume of patient statements needed and the amount of customization, software requirements, billing systems, etc.
  • Shortlist of Potential Partners: Scout for companies with expertise in dental patient statements. Research online, get feedback through referrals or seek counsel through dental associations for references.
  • Assess the Offerings: Evaluate all services the respective partner can provide, including mailing services, patient statement design, and management of online payment options.
  • Credentials and Experience: Client references, testimonials, and reviews can offer a better understanding of the performance and dependability of the partner.
  • Technology and Integration: The technology of the selected partner must integrate with existing systems of the practice to aid in a seamless transition and operation.
  • Staying Compliant: The partner must adhere to healthcare norms and guidelines as laid down by regulatory bodies in the region or state. Data security procedures must be comprehensive and robust.
  • Pricing Structure: Compare pricing structures, including setup charges, retainer costs, and incremental charges for customization or additional support. Evaluate the terms of the contract and cancellation policies.
  • Service and Support: Check the level of customer service and support offered. An initial trial to showcase services also helps in making a better decision.

Once the practice has a good list of potential contenders, it can evaluate them across all parameters, considering scalability and capability for future requirements to accommodate the anticipated growth of the practice.