How Credentialing Mistakes Can Cost Your Practice

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July 5, 2019
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July 11, 2019

Credentialing, being a time-consuming process requires lot of effort and focus to be implemented in the right ways. If not done effectively, it can cost your practice a lot of time and money. Though the process of credentialing a provider is not that tiresome, however, chances of error are always there, thereby leading to slow down reimbursement. The entire revenue cycle management (RCM) of your practice is based on proper dental credentialing. When errors happen, revenue is either lost or delayed and your practice can run into coverage issues.

Here’s what you need to avoid in your dental credentialing process:

Relying on Limited Staff
Credentialing dentists is often an extremely laborious process that requires both patience and attention to detail. Along with a long list of certifications and license to verify, there are other individual dental provider that must be verified so that they become eligible to provide service  to patients. The entire employment history, including education, training, licenses as well as any certification issued by the board is important to credential.

Since a large number of dentists are involved, the process of credentialing for every single individual can involve a lot of paperwork manually. Practices normally make this mistake of not allocating adequate staff to complete the credentialing process. The result turns out to be overworked and stressed staff. This eventually affects the entire patient care.

Dealing with a lot of paperwork can cause stress and frustration. When your staff makes mistakes on applications and these applications are not accepted by the insurance, the entire process is delayed along with reimbursement and loss of revenue for the practice. The most common mistakes that occur are related to licensing, background checks, which can seriously deteriorate the practice’s revenue and reputation. This is the reason it is important to outsource a reliable credentialing service provider for your practice. We, at Capline can save time, money and headache by getting you credentialed accurately. Our experts eliminate the need for administrative staff hiring by reducing stress and chance of human error.

Sending Incomplete Applications
Provider enrollment application requires a lot of information. Failing to fill out the application with accuracy causes delay in the revenue cycle and coverage denial. Capline completes the credentialing application for you and ensures that every application is complete. By minimizing administrative effort and eliminating the scope for human error, we save your practice time, money and resources. 

Not Staying Updated With The Information Needed
Dental service providers must update their licenses regularly. To ensure that dental credentialing is done effectively, providers must stay up to date with board certification and licenses. When practices fail to stay on top of dental credentialing, it leads to dentists performing services that are technically not certified. This leads to malpractice suits.

Outsource dental credentialing services to Capline to minimize errors and keeps costs down.