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How Dental Practices Can Improve Case Acceptance Goals

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August 22, 2023
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How Dental Practices Can Improve Case Acceptance Goals

The competition is increasing in the dental industry, and low dental case acceptance is a challenge that makes the doctors & teams present their treatment in a way that patients feel more value for their dollars. 

However, making patients follow through with the treatment plan is always a task, and that is why dentists not only have to manage the dentistry but also provide clinical excellence and achieve a high case acceptance rate. The target for the case acceptance rate in the dental industry is 90%. The reality lies between 25-50%, with room to improve the case acceptance rate. 

Here are some ways to increase the case acceptance rates by improving the processes of onboarding patients and bringing awareness about things that need some changes. 

Focus on how to present the case so that it gives the right message at the right time: It is a straightforward way when patients change their minds and commit to the treatment. The better informed a patient is, the better their chances of accepting the proposed treatment plan. It is a  team effort, and the patient should trust that the proposed treatment will add value to the quality of their life.  

Providing a few answers to the questions, such as what exactly is the proposed treatment and presenting it with all the necessary details, the benefits this treatment will offer, how it focuses on the quality of life, how long this treatment will take, the cost of the treatment, and the payment options available by the clinic. 

Taking the time to explain everything to them and having in-depth information will create comfort.  Also, the team answers any additional questions to help them see that you and your practice care and are in good hands. Offering them early morning free consultation appointments increases the overall case acceptance rates, and they can start with the treatment on the same day. 

Scheduling Appointment: 

The dental team should try to get the appointment on the same day if the case is accepted. The chances of starting the treatment as early as possible increase. Why is it so? Because if the patient is not encountering a visible cosmetic issue or physical discomfort, they want to linger and contemplate if this treatment is even necessary. 

If the patient needs time to think about the treatment, assign a team member to make a quick call on the next day to follow up. Sometimes they need reassurance, and the best way is to communicate and address the anxiety without losing time. 

A script or template that helps the team follow up with the patient and also gives a personalized touch for the repeated scenarios. That increases the team’s productivity through the follow-up process and builds a long-lasting relationship with the patient. To avoid last-minute cancellations,  confirm the meeting prior. With the tools, you can automate and streamline the process.  Additionally, a daily overview report where the dashboard measures how the team is performing. 

Care towards enhancing the potential of the practice: 

Every patient is different, and there may be legitimate reasons why the patient is taking some time to think. It does not mean that they will never book an appointment, and at this very moment, the team can focus on the existing patients. 

Understandably, the production value for new patients is higher than for existing patients, but if they feel neglected, they might leave as well. It is crucial to have a system to identify hidden 

revenue opportunities and simultaneously optimize the follow-up process to have a high case acceptance rate and cash flow running. 

Creating personalized plans with financing options: 

Every patient is different, and also their commitment to treatment. To create a value proposition opportunity, look at the patient as a person and offer what is right for them. That is the conversion moment for the proposed treatment, where the dental team takes a step back to make them feel heard and valued. 

Your case acceptance rates will skyrocket if the patient feels that the dental practice is understanding and more flexible with the payments. Financing options like monthly installment plans, third-party financing, in-office dental plans, etc. Patients appreciate it when they are at ease and more likely to make upcoming appointments.