How many patients should a dental practice have to be profitable?

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May 12, 2022
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Dentist smiling at camera with assistant and patient behind at the dental clinic

Nearly 65% of the people go to the dentist, depending upon the state. Dental professionals enjoy the medical side of their practice and try to make things work to run the business effectively.

It is vital to learn more about the profession to help you make decisions and enjoy both the medical and business parts of the practice.

  • When it comes to seeing patients, we have a certain amount of hours which is 8 hours a day. That would get 10-15 patients on average a day, considering appointments would take around half an hour to one hour patients a day.
  • However, consider the long surgeries, implants, and multiple crown preparations, which ideally decrease the number of patients a dentist sees. The field of dentistry demands a great deal of proficiency, and with two dentists, a higher footfall gets managed during regular office hours.

The numbers change for a start-up practice and will take a few years to build the patient base. Their working day is varied with routine procedures, check-ups, follow-up visits, complicated procedures like dental emergencies, implants, fillings, root canals, and surgical extractions. These procedures usually take more time, reducing the number of patients per day.

Revenue Trends

The value of a dental practice gets influenced by the revenue levels. That is usually 75% of annual revenues. Over-the-counter collection percentage is a decent way to track the per-day collections, 35% of the day’s production.

No-show or Cancellations

A dental practice will also lose patients through no-shows and cancellations because of patients moving to another place, losing their dental insurance, etc. And that is why it is vital to add at least 25 new patients per month, even if you lose 10% of the patient base due to any reasons to achieve 15% growth.

Number of patients and production per hour

To gain a continual feed, a dentist should track the production (gross and net) per hour to monitor the hygiene production per hour. A good benchmark is an average of $100 per hour.

Boost profitability

  1. Recare to see your active patients at least twice a year boosts your production like nothing else you can do. Staff training, timely communication, and pre-scheduling are the lifeline of your practice.
  2. Build a relationship with your patient base, not let them slip off the radar. Having too many patients isn’t necessary, but keep in mind as 1% of all patients die, and 3% move every year. Therefore, organizing an outreach campaign can bring back many of your patients that you would never hope to see again.
  3. Creating, communicating, and delivering value to each patient at every interaction make them stay loyal to you. Greeting them with a smile, explaining the treatment, confirming the appointment, and sending them the post-op instructions, will keep them coming back to you.
  4. Bolstering your capabilities with technologies like intraoral cameras, 3D imaging solutions, and chairside patient education software can help you sell the treatment and accept recommended treatment.