Why is Outsourcing Dental Eligibility Verification Better for Your Practice?

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May 27, 2021
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June 3, 2021

The dental eligibility verification process can be a tedious task for dental practices. Incorrect practices may result in claims denial and eventually revenue loss. As a dental professional, you would like to focus on patient care rather than worrying about the eligibility verification process. This is what makes outsourcing dental eligibility verification services the best idea. This article will talk about the same in detail and much more.

Explaining Outsourcing Dental Eligibility Verification

As the term is self-explanatory, it’s a process where you partner with a team of dental insurance professionals who will be responsible for verifying the dental insurance information of your patients on your behalf. It will allow you to serve your patients better while a team of experts handles all your eligibility verification queries.

5 Reasons for Outsourcing Dental Eligibility Verification Services

  • More time for patient careWhen you outsource dental eligibility verification, it enables your administrative staff to have more time to focus on patient care rather than chasing the phone calls to verify insurance details.
  • Fewer billing errors – When a team of eligibility  verification experts work for you, you will have fewer billing errors with easy-to-understand terms for patients to understand their bills. It’s been noted that patients are likely to pay their bills if they are easy to understand and have no errors. 
  • Clean claim submissionIt has been observed that a huge percentage of the insurance claim gets denied due to errors in the provided details. Outsourcing leverages you with a dedicated team whose entire focus is to ensure that every claim is submitted accurately and gets paid on time by the insurance company.
  • Improves Revenue cycle – When claims with minimum or no errors are submitted, the insurance companies are likely to pay you on time. It will not just create a long list of happy and satisfied customers, your revenue cycle will also improve. By outsourcing dental insurance verification services, you can comfortably achieve your goal of consistently improved revenue cycle and healthy relationship with your patients. 
  • Cost-EffectiveOutsourcing the dental eligibility verification process will save you from making an initial investment. Hiring an in-house team to handle your dental eligibility verification queries can be a tiring and expensive job. Also, you would need to bear the extra cost of setting up basic infrastructure for them and providing them with the necessary training. By outsourcing, you can easily avoid this expensive process.

Questions to ask before selecting a Dental Outsourcing Company

  • What efficient systems are available to submit error-free claims?
  • Do you assign a dedicated team for the eligibility verification process?
  • How long have you been serving dental clients?
  • What makes you different from competitors?

It would be a professionally smart idea if you can talk to some of the outsourcing company’s existing or previous clients to know about its work.

As explained, there are clearly multiple advantages for outsourcing dental eligibility verification services. It makes the process of dental eligibility verification easier and more effective. Also, they keep you updated on the changing policies of the insurance companies that you work with.