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How to Utilize Remote Dental Billing

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July 24, 2023
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How to Utilize Remote Dental Billing

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Revenue collection lays the foundation for how the practice’s life cycle goes apart from patient care. Many dental offices spend most of their time and resource on patient billing, dental claims, and insurance collections. Then what is the solution to submit clean claims, prevent denials, and collect owed payments from the insurers? Remote dental billing makes life easier for the in-house dental team. 

What is Remote Dental Billing? 

As the name suggests, remote dental billing is like working from home. Remote dental billing offers services related to insurance billing so that the dental team spends more time on patient care and less time worrying about payments. There are dental billing specialists as remote representatives who that process the practice’s claims to ensure a reduction in the overdue balance and an increase in revenue. 

Because the process is remote, the dental practice wants to see that it alleviates the insurance strain from the dental practice. Here are the responsibilities of remote dental billing services, which include the tasks that help the dental practice grow. 

  • Submits clean insurance claims 
  • Check on post-insurance payments 
  • Appeal insurance denials 
  • Share reports Reports shared with in-house management 
  • Making adjustments if applied 
  • Track 30 days old unpaid claims. 

If they offer patient billing services, it includes: 

  • Collecting patients’ overdue payments and sending balance reminders. 
  • Checking patient ledgers and offering various convenient online payment options. 

Benefits of remote dental billing that takes the insurance headaches off your team’s shoulders and  keeps the dental office ahead of the curve: 

  • One of the perks of remote billing, because of the “remote” aspect, is making the payments easier for the patients and staff. The platform takes multiple forms of payments, offers finance plans, and sends auto-generated reminders to collect overdue. That results in higher patient satisfaction and delivery of more efficient services to the patients. 
  • It reduces the burden of hiring more administrative staff members on the payroll. Instead, the front desk staff can focus on customer service, treatment plans, and better dental care.
  • Improved technology, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, look for ways to improve accuracy and speed with reduced cost. 
  • As for remote dental billing, some dental teams are hesitant because of patient and practice data. They make sure that data privacy and security are under compliance. 

How to utilize remote dental billing work to avoid the challenges 

  • Outsourcing insurance billing requires adjustments, and that adjustment period, if addressed head-on, can grow in resistance, where the in-house team wants to work with something other than the outsource team. To make it look smoother and work efficiently. Remote dental billing handles submitting claims, working on the aging report, following up with the claims, and making appeals for the denied claims.  
  • The in-house team looks after patient care, scheduling, insurance verification, and real-time requirement for running a dental practice.
  • A clear line of communication in the workplace is necessary from the beginning when both parties decide and agree to collect more money. To understand and make them do their job,  the team must answer their queries instead of depriving them of information. 
  • Remote dental billing sends the dental office a daily deposit or reconciliation report through practice management software so that all the numbers look good without a miss. 
  • Remote dental billing makes a profit as you get claims paid. So working collaboratively with a team player mindset, where the provider and the in-house team deal with patients and the biller deals with insurance. 
  • Remote dental billing brings expertise that unlocks thousands of dollars in income that is now not lost to an insurer because of laser-focused attention and not juggling office duties.
  • Remote dental billing brings a pool of other experts that will do whatever necessary needed to get the claims paid. Insurers make the process so hard to submit clean claims and get timely reimbursement. Remote dental billing is a tool to get the revenue that a practice deserves.