Importance of Choosing the Right Dental Credentialing Services Company

Importance of Choosing the Right Dental Credentialing Services Company

As a provider of dental healthcare, it is crucial to undertake certain measures while dealing with insurance carriers in order to guarantee optimal coverage for all patients. It is also imperative that licenses, certifications, and comprehensive practice history are meticulously documented, analyzed, and authorized prior to the final dental insurance credentialing being issued.

After starting a new dental practice or adding a dentist to the team, one would want to attract new patients. The patients’ insurance carrier network is a great source to attract such patients. In order to make this happen, the practice needs a contract with the insurance company as an approved provider. This process is known as provider credentialing.

Dental credentialing is all about an agreement between the dentist and an in-network dental insurance company. There are fixed negotiated fees in the contract that enables the dentist or practice to access a large network of patients. Being in-network offers complimentary publicity for the practice as it can get listed as a preferred provider. A large number of patients that pay for dental insurance would want to avoid any additional costs for dental treatment, especially preventative services. 

Dental credentialing is a lengthy, time-consuming process as all insurance organizations that credential you are attaching their brand to your practice. In order for them to feel comfortable in cementing that collaboration, they need to ensure that dental practices follow the right procedures. 

The process for credentialing also demands a high volume of paperwork and follow-up. It calls for frequent attention and time till the credentialing is complete. It needs tracking and monitoring of the applications over many months with the corresponding insurance companies.  Thus, many dental practices find credentialing services arduous and disrupting from providing of core services to patients. 

Benefits of Credentialing

Attracting new patients

  • It is possible to achieve an increase in patient volume by way of inclusion on the list of insurance providers. Getting credentialed with a well-known insurance provider can significantly increase the affordability and accessibility of dental services offered at a practice for patients seeking care.

Credentialing grows the business

  • Insurance companies garner additional revenue through co-pays and other charges. Therefore, they want to make sure the practice is successful and attracts a large number of patients. Consequently, it is imperative for them to ensure the success of the dental providers they collaborate with. Credentialing can offer the practice increased exposure through the insurance company in addition to the benefit of exploring a new pool of prospective patients.

Credentialing Gives Patients Confidence in Your Practice

  • The process of credentialing on its own serves as an endorsement from the insurance company. Collaboration with the dental practice implies that the insurance company places trust in the ability of the practice to provide exceptional care exemplified to patients or policyholders.

Benefits of outsourcing dental credentialing services

The rigorous documentation requirements involved in dental credentialing necessitate a considerable allocation of time. By placing dental credentialing services to an outsourced agency, the staff at the practice will experience a reduction in their workload.

Managing the dental credentialing process effectively may be outside the ambit of capability or expertise of the existing team at the practice. In such cases, an outsourced team can offer valuable assistance in facilitating enrolment within insurance carrier networks. This helps to focus attention and service on patient care.

Leveraging the expertise of specialized professionals of Capline Dental Services with proven experience can help the practice to improve cash flows. An outsourced team can handle the whole dental credentialing process, follow-up, resolving queries, etc. The entire process can be executed effectively and adeptly thus saving time and costs. 

Thus, experienced professional familiar credentialing experts who generate accurate, comprehensive applications

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