How to plan a flawless credentialing process for your practice

How to plan a flawless credentialing process for your practice

Capline Dental Services understand the painful process of credentialing and health insurance enrollment that comes along while running a practice. While the insurance enrollment process is extremely important, it also brings stress and can take a long time to finish. Provider credentialing is an important step in your practice that ensures your practice gets paid on time. At Capline, we can help you by saving your time, money and headache, thereby allowing you to focus on patient care.

The process of credentialing involves insurance networks, healthcare organizations and other hospitals to evaluate documentation regarding a provider’s training, education, license, work history and so on. It is extremely important for any dental practice to participate with insurance carriers. Physicians along with other professionals must offer a list of verification's to insurance carriers including Medicare and Medicaid. This must be done to ensure eligibility for reimbursable expenses.

Provider credentialing is a continuous process. A one-time verification won’t suffice the needs and expectations of your patients. Therefore, we, at Capline helps the credentialing process flow smoothly. Practices/physicians that are not properly credentialed may not be paid on time.

Listed below are some ways we can make the credentialing process flawless for your practice:

We keep a track and analyze
The initial process is time-consuming and might take 90-180 days for the submission. This happens because a lot of paperwork is involved. Our dental credentialing company will help you throughout the process to ensure that credentialing is carried out successfully. This also removes pressure from your shoulder. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you are missing on anything while taking care of your patients.

Expert Application Completion and Processing
Any kind of errors in the application results in denials and delays. A proper credentialing form requires practice’s address, phone, fax, services provided, license copy, employment history, patient profile and any other past records related to your practice.

Our credentialing service includes completing the application, submitting it to the carrier, and following up until the application has been processed by them. This prevents any kind of mistakes from happening in the future.

We Keep Ourselves Updated With CAQH
The Coalition for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) is adopted by payers these days. Practices who regularly update their information with CAQH tend to have an efficient credentialing process.

If you are looking forward to outsourcing provider credentialing, Capline Dental Services is here to help. To get you paid on time, we also offer dental billing and insurance verification services. Contact us today to get a better insight into our services and let our experts explain you the process thoroughly.

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