Tips To Run A Successful Dental Practice

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July 12, 2023
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July 21, 2023
Tips To Run A Successful Dental Practice

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Quality care will always be a deciding factor for a dental practice to be called successful. A  dental practice must also seek alternate means to enhance the patient experience. Patients are today inundated with options for dental care. They can do a quick search on the internet or spin up a quick post asking their friends for recommendations on social media.

One needs to stay tuned to the ongoing developments in the dental industry. This could include better types of treatments, introducing software solutions or even evolving practices for dental exams. 

Keep an engaging, user-friendly website and a good online reputation. More and more people research options online before choosing, and a website or social media presence can make a difference. A great experience begins by making it simple for patients to get in touch. 

A few steps to increase footfall and augment the patient experience:

Reducing the dependence on dental insurance 

It might seem counterintuitive to rely less on insurance, but this can reduce profitability. Insurance companies choose which treatments are covered and the amounts payable for each one. This could force the practice to pay what the insurance provider charges and have a detrimental impact on patient care. 

If a patient’s insurance company rejects the course of treatment advice, they might not want to continue with it. It is thus crucial to convey the worth of the procedure and make it simpler for patients to pay out-of-pocket. Establishing alternative payment options, such as installment plans for major procedures or discounts for full payment can incentivize loyal patients. 

Periodic training for dental assistant

Consider entrusting dental assistants with additional responsibilities that would act as a great resource. An expanded functions dental assistant (EFDA) can be tasked with performing coronal polishing, applying sealants, and taking X-rays for patients with the right education and certification. 

As a result, the team may be able to handle more work, and the practice can take on more patients who need minor procedures. Having an EFDA on staff can help the practice become more profitable. 

Automate routine or time-consuming jobs

The key is to maximize output and your bookings. Everybody’s workday includes a significant amount of software, and the effectiveness of a team can be greatly impacted by it. Another important aspect of managing the workday is effectively managing reservations. Because of this, establishing patient policies that call for 24-hour cancellation notices, fee schedules for missed appointments, or more flexible hours to better serve patients early in the morning or late at night can help utilize time effectively. 

Offer pain-free injections

The fear of pain keeps many people away from the dentist. One can offer pain-free injections so that dental patients across ages need not fear a needle.

Flexible financing modes

Patients who have flexible payment options are more likely to comply with the treatment recommended as well as follow-up care. Accepting a variety of forms of payment also generates a wider range of patients. Consider accepting cash, credit, and debit payments in addition to insurance so that patients get the care they require.

Patient referrals

A tried and tested way to create business opportunities is by harnessing the power of patient referrals. While there are multiple means of doing this, such as a referral contest, the simplest way could be to hand over referral cards to patients after their visit. 

The power of digital marketing

While digital marketing can appear to be scary or hazy, it is crucial to expand the business. By using available options based on budget, the practice can be present where prospective patients are every day by embracing new online channels for communication and advertising. This also enables the practice to be a part of the community and do better in terms of service and reach.