What is Dental Insurance Verification?

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November 12, 2018
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November 20, 2018

According to a research by Health Affairs, it has been reported that patients fail to receive dental services which they actually ask for. The reasons given by them were cost, inconvenient locations and the hassle in seeking a dentist who accepts their insurance. The major challenge dental offices face these days is related to dental insurance verification.

Before you start looking after your patients, it is necessary to assure how they are going to pay for your services, Right? Dental insurance verification is all about assessing a patient’s active coverage with the insurance company. It also involves verifying the eligibility of their insurance claims.

To ensure approval of the claim, a verification process is done before the patient gets admitted to the hospital. This verification process is beneficial for both the parties, i.e. patients as well as practice.
Importance of Dental Insurance Verification:

At first, dental insurance verification might just sound like another unnecessary expense, however, if you dive deep into its benefits, you will definitely realize how worth it is. To make sure that you have a bright smile maintained at each phase of life, it is recommended to visit your dentist every 5- months. However, the overall cost related to x rays, cleanings, and other treatment might go pretty high. A great insurance plan comes as a rescue here as it covers the entire treatment without costing you too much.

To restore a sound dental health, it is important to choose a dental insurance verification plan that strictly matches your needs. The right dental plan will help you cover all the expensive services like fillings and dental implants.

A comprehensive insurance verification process must include information like:
Dates for which the coverage is effective.
Type of plan
Coverage for tooth implant, tooth grafting, full mouth x rays, missing tooth clause
Maximums and deductibles
Important documentation

With such important information in place, dental experts will be able to get an accurate estimate created for patients. Whether it’s a dental implant, denture or inlay, each of them asks for both time and money. However, if you consult a dental insurance verification company, you will be able to get a range of benefits.

These days managing the insurance process has become quite swift and simple. Thanks to the assistance given by billing companies. The best part about working with such famed organization is that they acquire the right information and also remain connected with insurance providers. This way the process becomes quick with an improved insurance case acceptance.

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