Why Your Dental Practice Needs Professional Statement Services

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November 6, 2023
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Why Your Dental Practice Needs Professional Statement Services

Utilizing professional statement services is vital for any dental practice aiming to sustain a consistent revenue flow. Given the substantial effort and attention that dental practitioners, dental assistants, and other office staff members dedicate to providing exceptional patient care and expanding the client base, it’s essential to streamline administrative tasks. 

Time and resources spent on tasks such as processing insurance claims, generating statements, and payment processing can contribute positively to both the revenue and the overall patient experience.

Understand the Patient Statement Services

When you visit the dentist, you expect to receive a statement of the services rendered. This document is vital because it helps the patient settle their bill, and ensures the dental practitioner receives their income. Surprisingly, many dental practices don’t provide compliant patient statements, which can negatively impact the patient-doctor relationship and billing efficiency. 

Delays in billing can be costly and can affect the revenue cycle due to factors like deductibles, co-pays, and self-pay amounts. Therefore, dental clinics should ensure that patients receive their statements promptly after their appointment.

Statement Generation through Professional Statement Services:

It’s accurate to say that it costs money to collect money, even from rightful patients. Statement generation involves upfront investments such as forms, printers, ink, outgoing and return envelopes, and labor costs. Many practices prefer to bill once a month due to the time and resources consumed by in-house billing.

Customized individual statements can increase time investments. Traditional personal statement services can be costly in terms of both money and time. However, professional statement services, like those offered by Capline Dental Services, allow dental practices to maintain control while speeding up remittance. 

These services improve the quality of the output, ultimately saving money and providing definitive confirmation that the patient has received their statement.

Professional Statement Services Include:

  • Examining patient accounts to provide high-quality care and maintain patient trust.
  • Mailing patient statements regularly.
  • Consistent follow-up with patients regarding outstanding balances to ensure timely payments.
  • Handling balance write-offs.
  • Providing weekly and monthly management reports for clarity.

How Our Professional Statement Services Work:

Patients receive regular statements, ensuring a steady revenue flow and a stress-free experience for both the provider and the patient. The statements include a contact number to facilitate direct communication, promoting a solution-based approach that results in timely and accurate payments. 

Our customer service is top-notch, as we take the time to address patient concerns and provide assistance in understanding their EOBs. The effective use of technology and staff throughout the process increases billing efficiency and reduces costs. We work diligently to collect outstanding balances by sending patient statements and digital notifications three times. 

Furthermore, our staff follows up with phone calls to assist patients in understanding and paying their bills. Capline Dental Services can prepare specific payment plans based on individual practice guidelines. We understand that every practice and its patients have unique needs. We only recommend transferring accounts to collection agencies or attorneys as a last resort after all other efforts have been exhausted.

Effects of Poor Patient Statement Services:

Without a clear and concise patient statement service, dental clinics can face challenges that affect the revenue cycle. This can result in:

  • Damage to the patient-doctor relationship.
  • Confusion for patients about managing their financial obligations.
  • Patient disappointment.
  • Decreased billing efficiency.

When patients do not receive understandable statements and lack diverse payment options, they are more likely to delay or miss payments. Even those patients who do make payments can become frustrated due to poor communication, which can negatively impact the reputation of the dental practice.