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October 7, 2019

Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Management: How It Helps Your Practice

AR follow up is one of the most important tasks dental practices should take care of inorder
September 18, 2019

Things You Must Consider Before Outsourcing Credentialing Service

Credentialing has always been one of the biggest challenges when it comes to running a successful dental practice.  It ain’t an easy
September 12, 2019

How Unpaid Claims Affect Your Bottom Line

Following up on unpaid claims is an important part of the collection process. However, if it is done in the wrong way
August 26, 2019

How to Avoid Claim Denials

One of the major issues dental practices face is denial of claims. Other than just being frustrating, it causes a major dip in the revenue cycle management of a practice.
August 6, 2019

Importance of Payment Posting in Dental Billing

Payment posting is a fundamental part of revenue cycle. It affects the other major functions of the billing and can have a major impact on patient satisfaction, efficiency
July 26, 2019

Mistakes You Can Avoid by Checking Patient Eligibility

A study conducted by Capario reveals a shocking number of practices that do not check insurance coverage before the treatment.
July 26, 2019

Credentialing Vs Enrollment: Highlighting the Difference

People often confuse credentialing and enrollment as one and the same thing. However, credentialing is quite different from enrollment with key factors
July 17, 2019

How to Use SEO to Add New Patients

The current age of Internet demands any business to have a flourishing web presence. The same goes for a dental practice
July 11, 2019

Common Front Office Mistakes Your Practice Must Avoid

Front desk can have significant impact not only in patient experience but also revenue cycle management of your practice.