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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Billing Services

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March 26, 2021
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March 31, 2021

What is the focus of dental billing?

The objective of dental billing is to make the billing of dental services easier for clients as well as dental offices. The primary focus of any healthcare provider like dentists is to provide the best services to their patients. While the most important area of dental billing is the coding of services and collecting the payment, managing denied claims, following the HIPPA guidelines, and keeping the payment cycle running. Dental billings companies interact, provide end-to-end services, follow the HITECH act, and coordinate with insurance companies, patients, hospitals, and verify payment processing. These companies also check payment posting, patients scheduling, credentialing, claims submission, and process claims.

What are some benefits of outsourcing billing dental services?

Managing dental services requires much more than providing dental services to patients. A dental office needs to hire and handle office staff, check timely billing of all services availed, and much more than that. Additionally, dental offices also need to ensure that claims of dental services need to be submitted within the time limit. Thus dental outsourcing is an important aspect of dental billing wherein experience staff handles all administrative tasks of dental offices. With the help of the dental outsourcing team, dental offices are able to easily manage dental verification, claim-related issues, coding, billing, and other admin tasks like accounts receivable management and claims settlement giving dentists more time to focus on their number one priority which is patient care. This is a practical solution that not only benefits dentists but office staff as well. With an experienced dental outsourcing company, dental offices have great control over the practice, spend more time with patients, and can make a strong bonding with them. 

What can be outsourced in dental offices?

Dental outsourcing companies can manage every task including appointment scheduling, verifying insurances, doing dental billing, coding, and other services that can be outsourced. To run dental offices smoothly, to reduce the workload, and to focus on the core tasks, it has become important to hire dental billing, coding, and insurance specialists.

What is the role and responsibilities of dental billing companies?

The main aim of dental billing companies is to make the entire process of revenue cycle management easy for the dentist as well as their offices. After choosing the best dental billing company, there is no need to give extra training to staff related to payment settlements. You just need to pay for the work hours and there will be no interruption of phone calls from both patients and active insurance firms. When you hire an experienced dental company it gives a chance to the dental office to indulge more in making better relations with patients. 

What are some common insurance billing problems faced by dental offices?

Some common problems faced by dental offices if they don’t have proper dental outsourcing staff:

1) Due to the high number of patients and lots of  things to do, dental practitioners do not have time to do follow-ups for the claims processed and filled. Dental outsourcing companies can easily handle such issues with assurance and are consistent with regular follow-ups.

2) Most of the patients feel frustrated about the surprising high-cost of fees. It is a very common issue, as when patients unexpectedly get to know about unexpected deductibles, fees, copays at a time when they are not expecting it they are quite appalled. The dental outsourcing team will help to cut down this frustration by informing the patient about the due fee before the beginning of treatment.

3) Many times patients change their insurance policies and plans and when they go to avail dental services then dental offices, as well as a patient, they miss out on provided key things as they don’t have them properly documented. However, the dental outsourcing team helps to prevent such issues by making sure that everything in the system is up to date and change the active insurance plan only after giving a complete hand over.