5 Ways To Increase Case Acceptance In Your Dental Office

5 Ways To Increase Case Acceptance In Your Dental Office

One of the best indicators and outcomes of how the clinic communicates with patients is case acceptance. It is a litmus test of growing the practice while having a robust base of patients. While patients need the attention and skill of the dentist, some clinics can tend to be lackadaisical when it comes to scheduling and confirming appointments. 

High case acceptance rates are pivotal for success. Yet, there are many clinics that succumb to the specter of low-case acceptance. How exactly can one get patients to act favorably without getting them edgy?  How can patients be influenced to move forward and book appointments without getting too pushy? 

Some unswerving steps are needed to ensure that the patient is well briefed about the course of treatment and outcomes and provided with choices to commence treatment as desired. A few tips on raising the bar for case acceptance:

A confident online and in-office experience

In most cases, opinions are formed on first impressions. Browsing through the website or a visit to the office can create opinions that might be unfavorable or otherwise. 

A user-friendly site that is informative and easily navigable with a chat feature would be ideal. This could push them into making an appointment faster. A visit to the office should also beckon a warm and friendly environment coupled with a welcoming front desk. 

Creating the rapport

Doing a great job and satisfying underlying needs is what every customer needs. From a clinical perspective, a patient would feel much better about the treatment and service provided when there is a warm rapport between the dentist and them. 

In many cases, the patient is a bit nervous and might need some cajoling. Leaving a lasting impression is possible through conversation and interaction beyond just the dental chatter is a need that is easily possible. 

Time is not a hurdle

Many patients might want to know how much time the session could take. This is a query that needs to be managed well. Giving an answer such as 60 to 90 minutes might simply make a patient reschedule the appointment. 

Responses such as “can you leave the office early today” or “how long can you take time off” can clarify whether same-day treatment is possible or an option for which day and what to do.

Same day treatment

Time is of the essence to everyone, and in this demanding environment, patients often prefer immediate and effective action. 

Striving towards treatment on the same day for most cases pushes the pedal for case acceptance. The operating words must have ‘today’ to bridge any hesitation that a patient might have. Some possible thoughts

  • “We can schedule an appointment today itself, so the issue can be easily fixed”
  • “We urge you to solve this issue right away to prevent more problems.”
  • “The dentist can study the situation promptly and offer adequate recommendations.”

Nipping unwanted fear

There is always many a patient who has a bit of fear and anxiety when entering the clinic. The use of reassuring terms throughout the conversation such as quick, simple, easy, or not-to-worry will help make the patient routine much easier and more comfortable.  Emphasis on the vast experience in performing complex tasks helps make patients less apprehensive. 

Relationships make the difference

Most purchase decisions are a combination of rational and emotional responses. Relationships need to be built with the entire team as this can influence how the patient feels about the dentist and the clinic as a whole. 

When the entire team has built a relationship and rapport with patients, referrals are more likely to come by. Building bridges with patients can greatly enhance the acquisition and retention of patients organically. 

Choice of words

The patient's tension and fears can be solved through simple and lucid explanations. Conversation must be carried out using simple terms and any technical jargon must be kept to the minimum. 

Effective communication on advice and treatment plans is paramount to success. Taking a little bit of time and effort to craft effective ways on communicating treatment plans or confirming appointments will greatly help in increasing the case acceptance rate. 

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