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Importance of digital marketing in dental practice success?

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How to improve collections for your dental practice?
January 27, 2023
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January 31, 2023
Importance of digital marketing in dental practice success?

For dentists, it is fundamental to mark the world with their presence on digital marketing platforms.  Whether you just opened a dental clinic or looking to attract new patients. Everything boils down to  increasing your business reach through research and advertising to the target customers. 

As per the statistics, 37% of dental offices struggle for the right leads. In the world of information,  over 77% of patients use the internet to find reliable dental clinics, and around 88% of Google searches use near me keyword for the dental clinic. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing uses online-based technologies like SEO (search engine optimization), social media, and content marketing to promote services. For instance, dental patients take their time to research a reliable dentist either through family, friends, or the best dentist near them, unless it is an emergency. 

By this time, you are aware that digital marketing is becoming the most effective tool to make an  impressive social media presence, catch users’ attention, attracting new patients to your business to achieve the target. Its popularity is its cost efficiency, as most platforms are free. If you desire to reach your target audience, their paid options increase the likelihood of your engagement. 

Digital Marketing for Dentists 

Digital marketing expands the business and has higher returns:

Local SEO or SEO refers to your search rankings on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It starts when someone enters a phrase or word on the search bar. It strategizes to target a wide range of competitors that show yours as the first option in the page results.  

Proper SEO tactics help you to curate the right blend of the audience. You will only pay when the visitor clicks on the advertisement on your social media platform. They end up coming to the clinic and drawing more customers. That is how digital marketing has an immediate impact on the RCM. 

Digital marketing is easy to measure and cost-effective: 

The cost of digital marketing is less compared to tv advertisements & newspaper ads. Hence it fits into your financial planning perfectly if you understand the pain points and work around them. Traditional marketing style is very conventional and cannot measure. However, online visibility generates website traffic that turns into leads that you can quantify if dealt with deftly. 

Through Google SERPs, we can measure the social media response/campaign to visitors to the website that later becomes your patient. Organic traffic or free advertising on the online presence brings more potential clients as they feel pressure and are more likely to purchase your service. 

Digital marketing improves brand recognition: 

Every element of your digital marketing, such as content marketing, social media, email, website,  etc., pinpoints and target to increase awareness of the new practices and creates an impactful digital presence that makes it look reputable in today’s world.  

Use digital marketing to share new services or conduct live sessions, FAQs, articles, webinars, and e-books that will increase awareness and the profit margin. For instance, taking a webinar on how to clean your teeth professionally focuses on the distribution of content to attract audiences. As you move along in the journey, you know how to deliver your content and which platform you want to achieve desired results. 

Common mistakes in Digital Marketing 

  • Most dental practices spend tens of thousands of dollars to advertise on radio, tv airtime,  billboards, and the yellow pages. And still, all they get is four to five new patients in a  month through traditional marketing. Traditional marketing does not have the extent of reach, limiting your dental practice. 
  • Ads in newspapers and TV do not track the client in the dental industry. As everyone is not  looking for a dentist, if you show your marketing campaign targeting the wrong audience/ neighborhood, the website will get no traffic, which means less chance of your dental practice coming to the top of the search engine. 
  • Dental offices become knit-picking with their marketing strategy and do not take advantage to maximize exposure. 
  • Lastly, many dental practices do not maintain a blog or subscription. Nobody likes to read stale content or too much spotlight on dental equipment through marketing. The problem is that you leave behind common dental concerns.