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Tips to Ensure Successful and Ethical Dental Insurance Billing

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Reduce Unnecessary Overhead Costs For Your Dental Practice
February 22, 2023
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February 27, 2023
Tips to Ensure Successful and Ethical Dental Insurance Billing

A vital operation at any dental office or practice is dental insurance billing. While offering patients quality care and outcomes is imperative, it can come to naught in an absence of an ethical dental billing process in place.

Sound financial management principles are a necessity and must complement the efforts made in refining the practice. The dental billing process is intricate and getting stuck on some issue or the other is often a concern. 

The capacity to code and bill insurance precisely while maintaining transparency is paramount. This helps to capitalize on the reimbursement amount which makes it a win-win for everyone a few suggestions to help ensure success are as follows:

The need for pre-authorization

There are multiple occasions when patients might not be certain if there is insurance coverage on the complete plan for treatment. Pre-authorizations are critical for ascertaining the quantum of treatment coverage by the insurance company and the co-pay amount to be paid by the patient. 

By ensuring pre-authorizations, one reduces the odds of a claim denial from the insurance company and the possibility of a refusal for co-payment by the customer. 

Multiple methods for making payments simple

Patients can hail from multiple backgrounds and can range from technophobic to tech-savvy. Hence, a multitude of payment options that include online solutions as well as traditional methods will help to make payments smooth and timely.

Some payment mechanisms that can be offered include

  • Credit or debit cards
  • Net banking
  • Online payment aggregator
  • Cash 
  • Credit facility with auto-payment options 

Timely collection of Co-Pay Amounts  

To ensure complete payment to the office, the staff needs to be adequately trained in following up with patients regarding co-payment details. Ideally, all co-payments must be done at least by the date of the appointment. This aids in preventing potential delays or non-payment at a later date. It is important to maintain transparency concerning co-payments as this will help build trust and retain patients. 

Staying abreast on coding policies 

Undoubtedly, dental billing is a tricky and complex proposition from an insurance and claim point of view. One has to keep track of evolving coding policies too. 

A great deal of time and effort needs to be invested to precisely comprehend these procedures and sure that the dental practice stays profitable ethically. Here is where dental codes are needed for insurance verification and staying completely updated in such a dynamic environment is an absolute must. 

Outsourcing such requirements as well as other needs of the practice can also be considered. 

Update the billing details on the time 

Any dental practice must be profitable and the dental billing process plays a key role in making this happen. Filing and organizing all documentation paperwork on time will save potential trouble later. 

The process for claims takes time and needs a great level of organizing. Treatment details, receipts, clinical notes, and other mandatories need to be suitably attached.

Options for adaptable payment plans 

Different patients have different payment capabilities. This warrants an offering of flexible payment modes that are based on their financial standing and can satisfy the entire patient base.  

To ensure a complete outreach to all patients, it is imperative to provide multiple payment modes. Patients with restricted funds or insurance might require longer-term financing as compared to patients with comprehensive insurance coverage.

Moreover, this also helps to attract and retain patients and builds a long-term relationship and trust with them while also receiving the due payment on time. 

Following the norms of insurance companies 

Patients will have their dental health insured under different insurance companies. The protocols to be followed for each insurance company can be complex and varied.  

One needs to adapt to these varying networks with their own guidelines and standards for receiving claims. Adapting carefully to such processes will ensure that patients also receive attention and treatment without worry.