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March 24, 2019
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Credentialing in dental practice has never been a piece of cake. Maintaining credentialing requirements is a complex process upon which a dental practice’s overall revenue and reputation balances. The path towards a successful and timely credentialing can be lost if the admin staff of your practice is not qualified enough to conduct paperwork with accuracy. To make sure that the credentialing process of a dental practice gets recognized, offices have started taking assistance from dental credentialing experts who submit, analyze and maintain provider credential with your payers.

Problems With the Present Credentialing Process

Credentialing in a dental practice fails because neither the staff nor the system is strictly focused on working towards it. The staff is handled several things at once including the paperwork and verification related to credentialing. On the other hand, practices do not have sufficient or required tools. They still rely on an offline process which is quite inefficient and naturally leads to errors.

The top reasons why your dental practice must outsource the credentialing verification process are:

Less Scope of Errors

As discussed above, automating the credentialing process leads to reduced errors. Automation is not subjected to human errors. Integrating such tools helps in automatically spotting the errors. Similarly, if you outsource the credentialing verification process, you will be able to gather, report and monitor credentials in an unbiased way.

Allow Your Staff to Focus on Other Important Tasks

Since the credentialing process is time taking and challenging, you should definitely outsource it. If you keep your staff occupied with credentialing, they will definitely not be able to provide better care. Outsourcing will keep your staff free and they will be able to dedicate their time on other important activities. If you try to take the entire process of credentialing on your own, it will consume too much of your time, ultimately leading to a negative impact on patient care.

Streamlined Credentialing Process

To make the process of credentialing less frustrating for you, we ensure that your application transitions smoothly in the contracting phase. We work through your payer list to ensure that we have effective dates and provider ID for applicable payers. Further, this information is passed to our billing department and helps to process the applications.

There are some practices that do credentialing internally. However, in-house credentialing can only be quick and effective if practices have full access to resources, i.e. an experienced dedicated staff. Having outsourced credentialing verification services saves a lot of time, money and reap many benefits for your practice like timely collections, increased revenue and happier patients.

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