Common Billing Issues

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November 20, 2017
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Common Billing Issues

Lack of Enough Time

Office managers typically manage multiple important functions such as Scheduling, Treatment Planning and Marketing. While office managers can be effective at most of them, they often aren’t able to manage all of these tasks while also handling billing & collection issues because of lack of enough time. This often means that one of the important functions suffers to make way for other functions. We have seen more often than not that billing & collection tasks such as posting credits & adjustments and appealing denied claims take away time from staff to properly take care of patients when they are physically in the office.


Billing & Collection tasks require undivided focus, attention to details, and ability to dig through the numbers. Delivering outstanding patient experience, advanced treatment planning and employee management on the other hand requires a people person who has ability to effectively communicate and connect with people. Some offices are lucky to have Office Managers who are good in both areas but we often find offices where Office Manager is strong in one area or other.

One Person in-charge of Billing & Collection

Billing and Collection is the responsibility of Office Manager or a dedicated biller. When that person is absent from the office, billing comes to a halt, compromising practice’s ability to collect the money that they are owed for services rendered.

Patient Ledger Errors Resulting in Frustrated Patients

Perhaps one of the leading reasons why patients seek out alternate treatment is due to billing errors that are often the result of disorganized billing and collection. This can lead to a loss of trust resulting in loss of patients.