Common billing errors your Dental Practice must avoid

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November 28, 2018
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December 6, 2018

According to the reports by “The Wall Street Journal”, 30-70% of dental bills are presented with errors. Avoiding errors is not possible especially when a practice has to deal with thousands of codes. Billing errors in your dental practice not only enrages your patients but also impacts your practice negatively. A patient might end up paying unnecessary expenses when billing errors occur. To avoid such scenarios, physicians must understand how to avoid the common problems that are associated with coding and billing.

The most common billing issues that come as a hindrance in patient care are:

Missing Information
Errors are one of the common reasons owing to which claims get denied. These errors can only be prevented by verifying all fields and then submitting a claim. Incorrect information related to patient name, address, treatment date etc lead to problems. There may be times when the information is accidentally entered wrong. If the information is entered wrong in the patient’s record and submitted for further use, chances are that a claim denial will follow.

Errors in Coding
Coding mistakes also happen when the claim is submitted with the wrong diagnosis. Dental codes that are not coded to the highest level of specificity result in denials. At Capline, our dental billing specialists stay updated on the latest dental coding type that helps in speedy claim processing.

Incorrect Claim Information
Wrong patient info on a claim is one of the common billing mistakes. This mistake can be in the form of a misspelled name, incorrect date of birth or SSN entered. In this case, whenever a claim goes to the insurance company, it gets rejected due to inaccuracy.

Unbundling of Charges
Some charges on dental bills are bundles collectively under a procedural code. However, if the charges are entered separately, it results in dramatically increasing the total bill. Unbundling errors are difficult to track, however, if you see charge values that should be bundled together, you must clarify and work on them.

How Capline Helps?
We keep your cash flow consistent by delivering bills that are simple and accurate. Our IV experts offer the updated insurance benefits for your patients which minimize the chance of errors. Not only this, but you will also be saving thousands on collections. Let us handle your dental insurance billing services and allow your staff to focus only on patient care.