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How to create Patient Statement that increases your collection rate

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January 4, 2019
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January 28, 2019

The health of your practice is more or less interlinked to patient payments. Therefore, it is important to ensure patient collections are as adequate as possible. At Capline Dental Services, we work with your practice to improve collections. Our specialists examine patient benefits and insurance information to calculate the estimated total cost for patient care. Billing statements produced by our team are quite effective to facilitate faster payments.

At Capline, we create patient statements that are easy to read and understand. To make sure that your practice delivers patient statements that multiply revenue, here are following tips to consider:

Accuracy in billing
To maintain billing accuracy, we work on claim rejections, resubmission of correct claims and also appeal submission to process timely patient statements. These patient statements are reviewed further to ensure accuracy. Our team sends patient statements regularly on a monthly basis. Sending regular and timely statements increases the chances of obtaining timely payments in return.

You also might face a situation wherein patients become non-responsive to their bills. Here, you need to set in place the policy for outstanding balances.

Be upfront
It is important for any practice to collect patient payment at the time of rendering service itself. To do this, practices must have the patient’s insurance information beforehand. Confusing bills and frustrating collection can derail treatment experiences for patients. A negative patient experience ultimately impacts reimbursement. Bad experiences make it difficult to collect unpaid balances and also impact patient retention.

Providing patient’s insurance information
One of the most annoying parts of a patient’s experience is to deal with dental insurance. This troubles more if the provider does not help them understand the system. Adding a section about their insurance status not only adds to the authenticity of their bill but also helps in delivering a better patient experience.

Use practice management software to automate patient statements
Eliminate the time your office staff spends on paperwork by making use of a practice management software. It allows you to send out statements in a timely manner while improving your bottom line and simplifying the collection process.

The patient statements designed and passed this way have a greater impact on your practice’s revenue and patient retention. Therefore, it is important to focus on delivering best-in-class patient care by improving patient forms/statements.

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