How to deal with patients who deny to pay

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April 5, 2019
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Taking care of past due balances is a big fight, be it for dental or any other industry. If we talk about the dental industry, the increased number of deductibles and expenses have compelled practices to come up with innovative and contemporary ideas that make easy to pull payments from patients.

If your dental practice is still lacking behind and not following innovative approaches to deal with patient collections, now is the time to push the boundaries.

The studies/research done in the past has also clearly proven that there are many patients who in the past skipped dental examination or cleaning owing to potential dental care costs. Another study revealed that patients in the USA with insurance encountered a lot of problems paying their dental bills. Similarly, there were other patients who came across the same problem without insurances. So, as per the research, it is clear that paying dental bills is a huge concern for most of the patients.

At Capline, we can help practices reduce the bad debt in collections by putting your practice in a better position. Listed below are some of the ideas shared by our experts that ensure your dental bills are covered in a timely manner:

Set payment expectations prior to the appointment
Make sure to verify all patients in advance. This will help set payment expectations before the appointment.

This should further be communicated to the patient during the process so that they can easily decide whether they wish to continue ahead or not.

Inform patients about past due balances
If a patient fails to pay past balances, for any reason, you must tell them clearly. You can make use of email or invoices to remind patients of their payments before the due date arrives.

You can still continue to follow up if the payment has not been made. Our experts keep following up to make sure that you get paid on time, without any hassle.

Outsource Us for Your Practice’s Billing and Collection Needs
If your in house methods stop working, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Capline Dental Services, we can take care of your practice’s bad debt by keeping collections high. Our collection strategies will give your practice a leg up to move towards increased revenue and patient retention.