How dental billing service increases your patient base

How dental billing service increases your patient base

Dental offices are crowded places wherein office staff has multiple tasks that require to be completed before the day finishes. This is the reason answering patient calls come across as a hurdle to them. So, in spite of greeting patients with their queries or scheduling their appointment, the office staff tries to get off the phone as quickly as possible. This, in turn, leads to poor patient base and unhappy customers.

If patients get a feeling that their query is not valued, they would schedule appointment with another provider and never come back to you. This results in customer abandonment. Imagine how your dental practice would look like if it lacks a great patient base? We know you would never like to deal with something like that. So, we are here to help. Capline makes sure that you offer quality care to your patient while we keep an eye on the billing, scheduling and verification process of your practice.

We help by converting your patient calls to appointments, thereby generating revenue for your practice. To help your practice, improve patient care and revenue for your practice:

We make it easy to create and track all existing patient appointment activity and new patient registrations via practice management software.

When you outsource Dental Billing and Collection Services to us, your front desk team has only a single task and that is to focus on patient care. They can now take more time to answer patients on the phone. A high level of patient care is also guaranteed with this. This way your patient ends up feeling valued and cared for the service. This method of treatment maximizes customer loyalty and retains them with you for years.

Our billing team will make sure that there are fewer billing errors because what happens with the billing ultimately affects your practice’s bottomline. An inexperienced dental biller will face difficulty keeping up with the changes in dental billing, however, when you outsource us, we will get the job done correctly and efficiently by providing patients with an accurate bill.

There has been a huge concern about patients complaining that doctors rush through appointments and do not invest time in handling the queries of customers. Since most of the effort is involved in completing the paperwork and seeing patients, there is no time left to schedule actual appointment. Our experts at Capline get the paperwork done and free your office’s staff time, thereby allowing you to build personal relationship with your patients as well as delivering high level of patient care.

Redefine patient care and get passionate about your practice again by leaving the paperwork to us.

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