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How to decorate your dental front office?

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September 30, 2021
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Most people fear going to a dentist because they associate it with pain and discomfort. Additionally, dental offices often smell anesthetics and bleach, reminding patients of regular hospitals. 

When it comes to the design of your dental office, your reception area is an incredibly important space to focus. Not only the reception staff but also the reception area itself should make a good first impression on new patients. 

You can do a complete renovation and revamp the look of your front office or polish a few small details to make your office a comfortable space for your patients. The first space to renovate is the reception area. This is the first thing patients see when they walk into your office, so make sure they feel welcome. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ideas you can use to decorate your dental office reception or front office. 

Ideas To Decorate Your Dental Office

Large Reception Desk 

Ensuring that your front office has a large reception desk is the first step. It allows your employees to operate conveniently with enough space to operate and manage regular tasks. Less space can make it difficult to stay organized, which can eventually affect the ability to serve your patients efficiently. 

When designing your practice, make sure your reception area monitors the waiting area. This way, patients know where to go and reception staff can easily call patients who are ready to go. 


Poor lighting makes it difficult for patients to read and sign documents. It will be even more restrictive for the reception staff. Good lighting makes them feel healthy, energetic and makes it easier for them to do paperwork. 

Decor and Artwork 

Using artwork in dental offices is a great way to warm up the room and add character. You don’t have to use expensive artwork or wall decorations to spruce up the room. The art should match the rest of the decor and not collide with the wall paint. Let’s say, for example, putting cartoon theme-based banners or wallpaper can be effective in a pediatric clinic. Or perhaps a flow chart creating awareness about dental diseases and treatment procedures. Simple yet effective.

Choose the Right Colors 

Colors have a psychological impact on people. Therefore, choosing the right colors for your reception area is important not only to have a calming effect on your patients but also to ensure that your staff remains happy and productive all day. 

The layout of the Reception Area

The reception area should be designed in a way that leaves enough space for patients to check-in and out conveniently. The last thing you want is for patients to crowd into the reception area. 

Plants and Flowers 

If your office seems dull and cold, green is the best way to enliven it up. Decorative plants and fresh flowers create a welcoming environment and help your patients feel more comfortable. 

Artificial plants are great for offices because you don’t need to water them or add sunlight, also such plants will only take limited space. 

Technology Implementation 

This can be an important aspect when it comes to decorating your front office. Using large monitors or TVs featuring entertainment can engage patients well. Even something as simple as free Wi-Fi can help patients wait comfortably. 

These tips and tricks for setting up a dental front office will help you make your office a professional and comfortable place for your patients and staff.