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Importance of FREE Trial before Opting To – Outsource Dental Billing Services

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June 5, 2020
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You must be wondering why an article that is meant to talk about whether you are getting the trials of dental services or not before opting for them is ESSENTIAL TO DISCUSS? There is a sheer importance of trials of services before you can pick the best one as per your own requirements. So, if you work in the dental industry and you are either outsourcing or planning to outsource dental services, the question for you should be – Are you getting trials of dental services before opting

Why does this question matter so much? What is its importance? It seems like a general question. This piece of information will tell you that it’s not! Let’s start by asking yourselves a question. Do you want to be a dental practitioner who spends his/her time on the patient’s billing rather than the patient’s care? Definitely not! You will always want to be a dental professional who chooses the latter – Patients’ care & satisfaction. 

As a dental professional, it’s entirely possible that your intentions and your practice keep a patient’s care on top, but the way you operate your healthcare business may or may not give you that result. You might want to think, why? Simply, because you may have outsourced your dental services to someone without taking a trial. You may have done it without knowing how it’s going to impact your practice.  

Why trial of Dental Services is important?

The question of taking a trial comes into existence only when you decide to outsource a dental service. First, decide which dental service your dental practice requires, i.e. Credentialing, Insurance Verification, Billing & Collection or/and AR follow-ups. Secondly, choose a dental service provider. You might want to communicate with a few before finalizing one. Post that, understand all the nuances of that particular service from your dental service provider about its operations and positive impacts on your practice.  

Building Mutual Trust – Taking a trial of required dental services creates a mutual trust between you and the dental service provider. You trust them with your business. So, it’s important to build that trust before starting working together. 

If you are opting for multiple dental services, it would be great if you get trials of all the services. Make sure you communicate well with your dental service provider to get trials of all dental services before signing any contract or agreement of starting the services. 

Positive impacts of taking dental service/s trial

  1. More time for practice – When you decide to outsource dental services, it’s simply because you want the professionals to take care of the areas that are not related to the core of dental practices such as billing, patient statements, insurance verification, claims, dental credentialing, etc. It gives you more time for your dental practice. If you have opted for a dental service without a trial, you may not know or you may not be able to anticipate its impact on your dental practice. Although you can always discontinue a dental service if you don’t see its fruitful. Getting a trial not just gives you a strong reason to trust the agency providing dental services but it also allows you to focus on the core aspects of your practice at the same time. 
  2. Timely delivery – While you are busy caring for your patients, you need not worry about their bills, statements, revenue cycle or denial management, etc. It would be possible because everything will be handled and delivered on time to your patients by your trusted dental services provider. 
  3. In-house operations – Apart from achieving revenue goals, your target behind outsourcing dental services would be to improve in-house operations that are essentially related to your dental practice. You will only have a core team of professionals (dental assistants, surgeons, front office executives, cleaning, and other staff) in your dental office as long as you have outsourced other dental services to a trusted dental services provider. Thus, it’s a must to take a trial of dental services so that you can entirely trust the service provider. It will help you proportionally improve your in-house operations eventually. 
  4. Satisfied customers – Taking a trial plays a crucial role in creating happy and satisfied customers.

Being a dental practitioner means patients will be trusting you with their dental health. Providing them the dental services they deserve is your responsibility. So, opting to outsource your dental service only after taking a trial, becomes by default mandatory for – 

  • Timely delivery of your patients’ bills & statements.
  • Streamlining your core dental business and practice
  • Reducing pendency and increasing efficiency of your RCM cycle.
  • Ensuring satisfaction of your clients’ and thus prosperity of your business.