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April 21, 2021
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Dental billing services are crucial and time-sensitive services that need specialization and accuracy.  Managing these tasks can easily become a tedious and cumbersome process for concerned practitioners.  

A process in which companies outsource the handlings of their business functions to external vendors or companies. This includes functions such as transaction processing, accounting, editing,  marketing, content writing, social media management, book-keeping, transcription services, billing,  surveying, payroll and order, inventory management, and other similar services. Several BPO  services prefer outsourcing. Outsourcing brings with it benefits relating to cost-saving and higher  quality. It is also becoming clearer that low cost in outsourcing does not mean substandard quality. Outsourcing these services  brings with it a bundle of advantages.  

We at Capline Dental Services offer billing systems that increase efficiency in diverse ways leading  to higher profitability and streamlined procedures. Being an esteemed dental insurance billing and  collection company, our team comprises the most qualified and experienced billing experts.  

Capline dental services has established itself as one of the leading dental billing outsourcing  companies. 

  • We aim to collect all the insurance money owed to our clients. 
  • Specialists at our company are highly qualified with handling simple as well as complex billing  collections. 
  • We compute claim amounts. 
  • Our professional staff is well versed with extensive knowledge of Current Dental Terminology  (CDT). 
  • Our qualified and skilled professionals efficiently take care of your credentialing needs. 
  • We deliver services to our clients using advanced software therefore, eliminating the need for  additional expenses on infrastructure and technology, thereby saving costs. 
  • We have highly flexible pricing packages catering to diverse business requirements and budgetary preferences. 
  • We have a highly developed methodology to address all dental billing issues. 
  • Our specialized systems and mechanisms provide enhanced focus on core areas, access to  skilled experts, and advanced resources for results that are hassle-free, accurate, and  delivered on time. 

Focus on Core Areas:  

Specialized and prioritized focus with an emphasis on research and development leads to accuracy  and error-free results.  

Access to Skilled Professionals:  

Expenses on recruiting and training professionals is an added task which gets eliminated by availing  our services.  

Our Key Services include: 

  • Daily processing of primary and secondary claims 
  • Using clean claims tool to confirm the accuracy of claims before submitting to insurer
  • Claims correction and re-submission
  • Claims management and tracking 
  • Insurance payments posting and adjustments (if required) 
  • Follow-up with insurers and appeal of the denied claim 
  • Regular reports that show how your practice is doing in terms of collections
  • Patient statements (Add on Service) 

Capline dental services assist right from patient scheduling to eligibility verification till the claim  process gets completed. Our team of highly skilled and experienced medical coders accurately  provides CPT and ICD-10 dental billing and coding services. We ensure that no claims get rejected  due to invalid dental coding. Denials are addressed efficiently under our supervision. We analyze  denials and identify the reasons for rejection. Our team schedules follow-ups and appeals for re submissions after rejections get rectified. Financial details are cross-checked and evaluated  minutely. Patient-related data is confidential material and treated securely.  

All our services are HIPAA (health insurance portability and accountability act) compliant. The  components of HIPAA security rule compliance include administrative security, physical security,  and technical security. All patient and treatment data is safe and accessed only by concerned  authorities. Our team schedules follow-ups and ensures that payments are on time.  

Our team has impressive, assertive, and highly functional verbal and written communication skills  that help practitioners resolve conflicts, explain procedures and manage requests. We maintain a record of data that covers all information related to insurance EOB,  treatments, and the patient’s information. Our clients may contact us for copies of these databases as and when required.