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How outsourcing billing and collection helps you focus on patients

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March 8, 2019
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The biggest problem causing trouble to patient care is the paperwork burden. While billing is important, many dentists find it is bogging them down and reducing the time they are able to spend with patients. Dental billing turns out to be a tedious task for a practice to manage in-house. Dentists are drowning in administrative work and wasting their valuable time. This adds nothing to patient care however contributes a lot to dentists’ stress and fatigue.

Capline can take care of all the paperwork related to your practice so that you can sit back, relax and devote all your time to your patients.


A great patient experience doesn’t end with the treatment. The billing process is equally important since a bad billing experience can adversely impact patient satisfaction. A survey by Connance Consumer Impact revealed that a bad billing experience can disrupt your practice and make it difficult to retain patients and collect payments. Managing the patient experience is a crucial step towards a happy patient base.

We understand that providing the highest quality of care is something that drives you as a dentist. Clerical work is the last thing you want to worry about. The choice to outsource us for paperwork not only saves your time and money but also speeds up the billing process.

Below are three ways we can improve patient satisfaction via our effective billing process:

It is important for your practice to talk to your patients about what payment is expected. If the patient has remaining balance, you must collect it on the spot. Similarly, if your patient receives a statement, regardless of whether there is a balance, the patient should be informed about this. We generate clear and easy to understand patient statement. Our experts bill your patients on your practice’s behalf and make it clear that the patient is expected to pay the remaining balance. This is how we can manage patient expectations and move towards a happy patient experience.

Patients are least interested in knowing how much their care will cost until they have to pay it for themselves. However, there are times when a patient opts a particular test/surgery/treatment over another, considering the fact that insurance may not cover the charges. We are here to answer all the queries your patient has related to costs and insurance coverage. We make them understand their bill so that the clutter is eliminated.

Collecting patient balance is stressful for practices because it has a direct impact on cash flow. That’s where Capline comes in. We are a reckoned name for accounts receivable in dental care, we can support your practice with reliable collections. Our process for Dental Insurance Billing Services is extremely reliable. We monitor patient balances and reach out to them directly whenever there are outstanding balances.

Capline is experienced at communicating with the insurance companies. Whether it’s reimbursement, claim follow-up or billing, we are in your corner at every stage. Your dental assistant will be able to focus more only on taking care of the patients coming in. They will be able to give their full attention to listen and understand patient’s needs, without calling insurances.

Ending Notes:
With less stress involved in billing and more time to spend with patients, practices are able to deliver outstanding and high-quality patient care. It is therefore required to hire a dedicated team which has specialized knowledge and expertise in managing the billing function of your practice.

If your practice is losing patients, schedule a call with us today. We can help you put more money into your pocket and ensure that your patient satisfaction goes through the roof.