Why Your Practice Must Have Electronic Claim Processing?

Why Your Practice Must Have Electronic Claim Processing?

Considering the amount of time spent on processing a claim manually, along with cost and other factors, it has become mandatory for dental practices to switch to electronic claims. Switching over from paper to electronic claim processing comes with a lot of advantages. Besides cutting down costs and hassle, electronic claims have proved to be quite beneficial in eliminating the most time-consuming tasks of your staff.

Have you ever given a thought why insurance carriers always promote dentists to use electronic claims? The reason is simple! The cost of an electronic claim is comparatively lesser than the ones submitted on paper. Paper claims go through different clerical channels before final submission. This turns out to be time consuming. However, electronic submission reduces the time for payment. Error reduction is another advantage with automatic claim submission. Managing payments electronically also makes it easier to track checks and pull information if required.

Automating claim submission process helps with the following:

  1. Reduction in paperwork
  2. Reduction in the costs associated with postage, stamp and other paperwork
  3. Increase in cash flow
  4. Lowers outstanding Accounts Receivable
  5. Minimizes claim rejection and submission
  6. Reduction in the staff time spent on follow-up and tracking
  7. Frees up your staff to let them focus on core activities
  8. Claims are immediately taken care for missing information, valid procedure, diagnosis code and carrier specific information

Electronic claims processing makes payments quick because claims are submitted electronically. Presently, you can send an electronic claim to almost 2,000 insurances and government payers. As discussed above, accuracy, efficiency and speed of submission are some major elements where electronic processing is highly helpful.

So, avoid the costly delays and disruption to your cash flow by opting for electronic claim processing. At Capline Dental Services, our experts can help you submit claims electronically.  Our potential lies in our commitment to accuracy, efficiency and flexibility, which we incorporate across the entire process of claim submission.

Our experts have a profound control over the claim processing. They can easily check how the claim is progressing and also analyze the efficiency at various stages of claims handling. Our electronic claim processing can ease your work and contribute in the improvement of your practice.

If you’re not using electronic claims, you are seriously hurting your practice. With the above compelling reasons, we can help you understand how electronic claim processing can maximize cash flow for your practice. Schedule a call with us today and speak to our representative to make submissions more accurate and quick.

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