Reduce Patient No-Shows With These Smart Tips

Reduce Patient No-Shows With These Smart Tips

Rather than just wasting time, patient no-shows can cost your practice money. Missed appointments are a great source of frustration and lost revenue. No matter how well organized your office is but if your patients fail to appreciate you for your schedules, it’s a no-show. While it is not possible to get rid of every no-show, here are a few tips that can help:

Use an Automated PMS for Appointment Reminder
The Griffin survey also says that the biggest reason for no-show is patient forgetting their appointment. There are some dental offices that remind patients of appointment via a phone call. This could be of great help for patients who prefer this mode of communication. However, to make the process efficient for everyone, it is important to have something that works best. To prevent this from happening, practices should use a PMS that reminds patients of their upcoming appointments. This can be made possible via an automated text, email or call reminder at specific dates and time before the appointment.

This type of engagement with the patient has proven to decrease the number of no-shows drastically.

Reduce Waiting Times
If you keep asking the patient to wait for 20-40 minutes, there are increased chances that the patient will move out by canceling the appointment. If at any moment, the patient feels you don’t value their time, they are less likely to show up.

Pre-Pay for Appointments
Offering prepayment options creates an urge to be available for the appointment since patients have already made a financial commitment. The number of patients registering online can also be increased if you offer discount options to those who opt to pre-pay. Offering discounts will compel them to come back to your practice again.

The possibility to show is enhanced when patients know that they have already paid for the appointment.

Be Transparent About Your Appointment Policies
Emergencies and mishappenings can occur anytime. They also contribute a major role in choosing patients not to show up. However, with a structured late arrival policy, you will be able to ensure clearer communication. To make this easily accessible amongst patients, place it on brochures and website. The more informed patients will be about the policy, the better decision they will be able to take.

Patient no-shows can hit your practice’s bottomline. However, following these tips will limit patient no-shows and help appointments to run smoothly.

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