How to Streamline Patient Billing

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March 20, 2019
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March 24, 2019

To keep patients coming back to your practice and to maintain a healthy flow of revenue, dental practices need to understand their unique expectations. This helps in delivering effective patient care and also make the billing process streamlined.

Patient billing is one of the most important tasks a practice has to cope with on a daily basis. While your office staff is busy handling the paperwork, the patient care related to your practice is often ignored. Not only this but also there are other aspects that get affected owing to a bad billing practice. In this article, we will be sharing all the necessary steps you must take to streamline patient billing and keep your patients happy.

Here’s what you can do:

Fight Claim Denials
In order to prevent denials in the future, it is important to understand the common reasons that cause denials. Denials can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Misspelled name, errors in entering patient demographic information etc.
  • Patient’s ineligibility for a specific service.
  • Uncovered service under the plan’s benefits.

To prevent errors related to patient’s critical data, our verification experts acquire patient information over the call both before and after the registration.

Get Pre-authorization Done Correctly
The amount of time your staff spends on getting pre-auth done from insurance companies could be spent on patient care if you outsource pre-authorization to us. Some insurance plans state that if a patient looks for services requiring preauthorization, however, fail to obtain pre-auth, the patient is liable to pay the price. If the payment is denied by the insurer, the cost of treatment will directly be collected by the patient. This not only impacts the patient experience but also the bottom line of your practice.

It is important to provide the correct CPT code before the service has been provided. We obtain authorization for any treatment that requires it.

Following Up on Unpaid Claims
Accumulating unpaid claims can have a significant impact on the revenue and cash flow of your practice. We implement a standard process to handle all unpaid claims. This saves your practice’s time and makes sure that all claims are filed on time.

The right professional approach to manage billing can make a critical difference in building rapport with patients and improving revenue for your practice. Connect with our billing and insurance verification team today to know how to reduce claim denial losses.