What is Special Dental Billing Consultation?

What is Special Dental Billing Consultation?

Special dental billing consultation refers to consultation services offered by dental billing service  providers in the form of comprehensive knowledge of dental claim submissions. Billing and coding  consultants code the dental record of patients and submit these claims for reimbursements to  concerned health care insurance providers. The need for this kind of consultation arises in the  absence of skilled professionals and experts when confusions, or rejections, or over-burdening of  claim-like situations arise. Special dental billing consultations also serve as a cost-minimizing measure. Dental billing service providers are trained and qualified professionals with technical expertise and  know-how on dental coding and billing. They have extensive knowledge of Current Dental  Terminology (CDT).  Additionally, to provide adequate, appropriate and fruitful consultation, these consultants have highly functional verbal and written communication explanation skills. At the same time, they use highly developed methodology to address all dental billing issues.  

The benefits of effective special dental billing consultation are as follows:  

  • Efficacious dental billing consultation leads to the prevention of rejected claims. It enables  appeals for claim denials, and thus payment is eventually obtained from insurance companies. Therefore, it leads to growth in earnings altogether. 
  • Consultants provide an entire range of accounting, book-keeping, and special consulting  services. Billing is an arduous and time-consuming task, and billing while deciphering codes is yet another complexity. Dental billing consultants are experienced professionals who are able  to mitigate insurance claims while being well-versed with these constantly changing codes. 
  • Special dental billing consultation offers deference and HIPAA (health insurance portability  and accountability act) compliant services. Treatment and patient data are considered  confidential information. It is handled with the utmost security and accessed only by  concerned dental health providers. 
  • Operative consultation focuses on core areas and patient care. It provides accurate  knowledge obtained from modern technology, advanced learning, and technical expertise.  Outsourcing can eliminate the need to focus on the research and comprehension tasks associated with the billing procedures and insurance claims. Therefore, dental health care providers can focus on patient care and  building healthy relationships. 
  • Dental billing consultants deliver services using advanced software, and therefore, the need  for investing in additional infrastructure and technology gets eliminated. It thus proves to be a cost-saving exercise. 
  • Primary and secondary claims are processed by consultants daily. The accuracy of these claims gets checked and the rejected claims are then re-assessed, corrected, and submitted again.  They also schedule follow-ups with insurers to appeal denied claims. Their services range  from scheduling patients and verifying eligibility to follow-ups till the insurance claims are  fulfilled and closed. Managing all these procedures while multitasking is a cumbersome process and can lead to errors. This is why it is beneficial to hire consultants as they help eliminate errors in coding dental billing which may attract civil action. Therefore, they make everything happen smoothly. 
  • Consultants have abilities to train and up-skill the staff to maximize their potential. They employ standard  procedures followed for clinical care by introducing streamlined functioning. The guidance  provided through consultation elevates staff strength and ensures utilization of maximum  resources. This helps prevent errors relating to insurance, receivables, and coding procedures. It also ensures better productivity and financial health.
  • By providing accountability, stability, and organized insurance collection and faster receivables, the flow improves significantly . Under the guidance of consultants, the factors at play get addressed like lack  of technical know-how, unavailability of infrastructure and technology, weak assertion and  manipulation skills of existing staff members, etc. 
  • Comprehensive track record of patients' dental histories and previously availed treatments  deliver quality patient care. This ensures patient data safety as these records can be assessed  by concerned dental professionals as and when required. Coding and document diagnosis  can help in preparing and sending invoices for reimbursements and payments. 
  • As a result of successful consultation, the possibility of lost revenue gets eliminated,  resulting in profitability. 

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